A guy killed your "I don't have time" excuses 💎 Issue #7

Plus: I wrote a new article, Portugal in WW2, and someone found the worst time to be alive

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What’s up? 😉

I wrote a new article on my blog. 8 (more) Great Ideas for Programming Projects That People Will Use is in part an experiment. I want to see if I can replicate my most successful article to date 12 Great Ideas for Programming Projects That People Will Use that brought 250 people to my site and got 39k views (so far) on Medium.

As always, I hope you get something out of it.

I also got my tiny side project, Win-Win, on Fifty. Fifty is a list of these indie/side products described in 50 chars or less. Great for inspiration if the 20 ideas that I wrote about are not enough.

New to me 💡

Why 536 was ‘the worst year to be alive’ | 5 min read

Another entry in the series “We have it easy”. I wonder why the remote work trend didn’t stick in 536. Although it’s easy to feel like we were never in so many crises like the ones we are living in the present (and “present” here it’s not June 2020, it’s “present” whichever second you find yourself breathing) I still enjoy telling myself that’s bullshit. There was never a time in history where it was easier to not die and be happy like it is today. That’s a fact.

Why Forgotten Portugal was one of the Most CRUCIAL Countries in WW2 | 10 min watch

This is so Portugal. We want to please everyone. 5 minutes here and you’ll understand. If any country invaded Portugal there would be no fighting whatsoever. There would be lots of recommendations for the best place to eat “Francesinha” and “Pasteis de Nata”, along with some precise directions for sightseeing, but there would be no shots fired.

Nassim Taleb's Commencement Address, American University in Beirut | 8 min read

There are many commencement addresses on Youtube of famous people. This is not on Youtube and it’s not by a very famous guy for the majority of people. It’s one that you should pay attention to though. I’m not going to introduce Nassim Taleb here because that’s a journey best started alone and only if you get curious by this address.

A Mile an Hour - Running a different kind of marathon | 17 min watch

A guy running a mile per hour is just slow. A guy running a mile per hour while baking bread, playing scrabble, planting trees, and building tables probably gets your attention. Beautifully shot, inspiring, and a big kick in the teeth for those moments when we say that we don’t have time for something. We can literally run a marathon and do everything in 24 hours.

From the archive 🗂️

The Day You Became A Better Writer | 2 min read

This is a gem by Dilbert’s creator Scott Adams. Would you like to become a better writer in 2 minutes? If yes, great! If not, you should. How many skills do you know of where you can become better at it by reading a 2-minute article? I guess not many. Read it. Write.

A most practiced tweet 🧠

These apps I discovered 🔎

Sourceful | A repository of public google docs. You can filter by topic and vote on your favorites.

7reads | Another approach to the problem of unmanageable reading lists. This chrome extension only saves 7 links. The only way to add more is by reading one of those stored. You should try it and let me know how it went.

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High note ⚡

Last week’s most clicked link was Learn Like an Athlete by David Perell.

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