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Plus: Benedict Cumberbatch reads a letter.

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We are back and here are the best things I found on the Internet this past couple of weeks.

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Tell Me About Your Corner Shop | 3 min read

🛍️ Something that we might be losing or not paying enough attention to is the value in small, custom, store experiences. When we go to a restaurant we look for the best food, the best, chef, the best experience, and never the industrial, gigantic fast-food franchise, so how come we make the opposite decision when it comes to groceries or clothes?

“The corner shop. The convenience store. The bodega, conbini, off-license. No matter what you call it or where you find it, the corner shop is really the unsung hero of a simple life. And in the WFH space-time continuum, it’s often the only way to break up a workday.”

How we make decisions at Coinbase | 9 min read

💭 I don’t know if it is with the experience or if because is one of the most vocalized concepts on football coaching, but in the last years, I feel I’m putting increasing importance on making better decisions. I’ve shared several in this newsletter. This one comes puts something concrete, and actionable, forward: a spreadsheet with what needs to be taken into account to make the decision and to document it for the future.

“The vast majority of decisions in a company are low-risk and should be made unilaterally by the owner of that area (e.g. should we move the stand up meeting from Mon to Tues this week). A decision making framework is only needed when there is lack of clarity about a decision that is higher risk. Higher risk can mean that the decision has long term implications or that it can be costly to unwind if the wrong decision is made.”

Little Stories | 7 min read

📜 I adore the way Morgan Housel distills wisdom from history.

“We know one version of history – the version that actually happened – but there are infinite alternative versions that were just as likely to come true.”

Benedict Cumberbatch reads a letter from Kurt Vonnegut | 6 min watch

🌍 A letter written in 1988 to people in 2088 slaps the face of people in 2021.

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Last issue most clicked link was The Battle of Cannae – How History’s Greatest Victory Inspired Generals for 2,000 Years.

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