A talk to challenge and change you 💎 Issue #44

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The Revised Psychology of Human Misjudgment | 110 (not a typo) min read

The reason why I only have an article to share this week.

Things you need to know:

  1. This is the revised transcription of a talk Charlie Munger gave in 1995 at Harvard.

  2. It has the least clickbait title ever.

  3. It probably has the highest ratio of wisdom per number of words used on anything on the internet.

  4. I still don’t know what’s best about it. If it’s the content or how well it’s written (said?).

  5. The talk presents 25 tendencies where we behave a certain way when the right conditions are met. You can’t avoid really escape them, but perhaps knowing about them you might be able to eliminate some bad outcomes or at least reduce their impact.

  6. The talk is full of examples of what happens when you are affected by these tendencies and some of them are hilarious, even if only adjacent to the topic at hand: “And then there is the case of Mark Twain’s cat that, after a bad experience with a hot stove, never again sat on a hot stove, or a cold stove either.”

  7. You can just randomly scroll and pick a random paragraph and it will reveal something interesting. I just did it and I got this: “The proper antidote to creating Persian Messenger Syndrome and its bad effects, like those at CBS, is to develop, through exercise of will, a habit of welcoming bad news. At Berkshire, there is a common injunction: “Always tell us the bad news promptly. It is only the good news that can wait.” It also helps to be so wise and informed that people fear not telling you bad news because you are so likely to get it elsewhere. This is why you keep going and when you notice the 110 mins are up.

  8. You can watch a 14 min animated version of it here.

Just a "harmless" prank | 1 min watch

What can I say? Wear a mask.

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