Add "jootsing" to your vocabulary 💎 Issue #39

Plus: overlooked skills you didn't knew you had and 'Antifragile' strikes again.

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This week I bought my first cryptocurrency. I wonder where that puts me in this:

I want to guess “early adopters”, but who knows. If you want to join the party feel free to use my invite to Coinbase.

Anyway, here’s the best stuff I found on the Internet this week.

New to me 💡

“Jootsing”: The Key to Creativity | 5 min read

This article is packed with insights about creativity: from what it really is, to fostering it, to…jootsing. This really is a mindset shift. Creativity is not just about coming up with different solutions, but more specifically, breaking established, even accepted as gospel, rules for the thing we are trying to do. “It’s a common refrain that much of modern art could be the work of a five-year-old. Yet while a five-year-old could produce a random combination of elements that looks similar to a famous work of modern art, it would not be creative in the same way because the child would not be jootsing. They wouldn’t have an understanding of the system they now sought to subvert.”

Useful and Overlooked Skills | 4 min read

When Morgan Housel says they are ‘overlooked’ he means it. Seriously. Who would have formalized “Accepting a certain degree of hassle and nonsense when reality demands it” as a skill? And he also deceives no one with them being useful. I especially liked how he advises us to approach conversations with people we disagree with: “If you’re not blessed with perfect empathy, the trick to opening your mind to those you disagree with is to find people whose views on one topic you respect – that checks the box in your head that says ‘this person isn’t totally crazy’ – and debate them on the topics you disagree about.”

I wasted $40k on a fantastic startup idea | 9 min read

We need these stories, and not just the survivorship bias of successful startups that, despite some hiccups, leave the impression that success was written on the stars from the beginning. We need to hear about these ideas that are great on paper, have users raving about some demo, but then, when the time comes to exchange credit card numbers, everything falls apart. We need to understand this is also a possible destination for the best of our ideas.

How to Profit from Chaos: Antifragile by Nassim Taleb | 15 min watch

Ah yes! Antifragile: my favorite book that I never read (yet). From Twitter feeds, to podcasts, to blog posts, there is so much material being remixed from this book that I feel like I have a better grasp over its ideas than other books that I actually read. Again, Nat Eliason, has a very eloquent way to communicate insights from books and you will see why in this video.

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I Miss My Bar | Recreate the soundscape of your favorite night out with some creativity and experimentation with those “Bartender working” and “Street ambiance” sliders. “Plug your device to a decent speaker set and use it as a background sound for your zoom parties, or just for your daily wind down cocktail at home.”

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