Are quarantine links still relevant?💎 Issue #10

Plus: Kasparov wisdom on decision making and the power of learning things in public

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Not much news this week, so on to the best part of the newsletter.

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13 YouTube Channels We Geek Out Over in Quarantine | 10 min read

There is something here for everyone. From food to airline pilots, or from cycling to gardening. What I think makes these channels shine is the combination of expertise with enthusiasm, a combo that gets you glued on the screen, and the reason that made me start the playlist that YouTube playlist.

Life’s Work: An Interview with Garry Kasparov | 5 min read

A brief interview with one of the best humans at something about what he did best: making decisions. Playing games, at least the ones I respect, is all about making decisions and having the results of those decisions matter. It’s like life, isn’t it? The lessons Kasparov shares here are wide-ranging and incredibly powerful.

Do the Real Thing | 6 min read

When we chose to do anything but the thing we want to be able to we are wasting our time with “fake alternatives”. The worst of all is, more often than not, we are aware that we are postponing the thing that will get us the results we want. It’s one of the most infuriating “bugs” of our species. I find liberating, however, that one of the suggested “cures” is just doing nothing instead of the “fake alternative”. Why? I leave the explanation for Scott Young in the article.

Learn In Public: The fastest way to learn | 3 min read

The growing amount of tutorial-like content available is noticeable. It’s not just the things that need explanation are increasing or that there are more ways to monetize your explanations. What I think it’s also happening is the slow realization that you can share what you learn with minimal extra-effort AND the act of learning with the intention to share it later can have positive effects on how well you understand the target material.

Attorney/Uber Driver Tutorial on DWI Checkpoints | 6 min watch

Of all the things I shared in this newsletter, I’m betting watching this video will get you the most physical reaction of all. You have the right to remain silent. The rest is best left unspoiled.

A most taxonomical tweet 🎧

These apps I discovered 🔎

Nudget (iPhone) | “Cut to the chase” budgeting app, with enough eye candy to make you forget about excel.

Todolink | Create a todo list and share it with anyone by sending them a link. Good for planning dinner parties. Oh wait, we can’t have those anymore.

Remotefit | Find remote job openings filtered by the things we value the most, but that never appears on job descriptions: culture, values, rituals, wellness, career, and strategy.

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Last week’s most clicked link was a tie (!?) between The Greatest Speech in History? Alexander the Great & The Opis Mutiny, 100 Little Ideas and How To Think More Clearly: Mental Models For Dummies.

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