GLITTER HARD 💎 Issue #32

Plus: 52 Fascinating things one can learn in a year.

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Christmas is upon us, and since this will be the last issue of the year, I want to wish you the merriest of Christmas, filled with all the best things in life.
See you in 2021!

New to me 💡

5 Life Lessons from a Book too Evil for Prisons | 10 min watch

Don’t let the thumbnail fool you. This is a thoughtful review of 5 ideas to turn you into a better version of yourself. If world domination is your thing I guess it’s also the book for you.

Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates | 22 min watch

What a lovely tradition this guy is building here. If this is the first time you watch a Glitter Bomb video by Mark Rober, do yourself a favor and watch the previous two first. You’ll thank me later. If you know what this is all about, well…who am I kidding? You’re already watching the video.

52 things I learned in 2020 | 7 min read

Another end-of-the-year tradition. I don’t even know what Tom does, what I know is that at the end of the year I’m always delighted to see his collection of 52 things he learned (most of them are incredibly fascinating and could provide a top-tier ice-breaker at parties). An example? “12. In the Thames Estuary, about 40 miles east of London, is a shipwreck from WW2 containing 14,000 unexploded bombs. If they blew up, it could send a five metre tsunami up the river.”

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A most resolved tweet 👪

This app I found 📱

What to Tweet | This is a nice app for two reasons, and for two opposite types of users. If you use Twitter, this app does what it says in the name, i.e. it provides cool ideas on what to tweet about. If you don’t use Twitter, this app gives you an insight into the types of content you might be missing. No FOMO, please.

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Last week’s most clicked link was That's a ten.

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