Have bird feeders in backyards 💎 Issue #33

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Happy New Year my fellow human!!

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Here’s the best stuff I found on the Internet in the past couple of weeks.

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100 Tips for a Better Life| 12 min read

This is soooo good! These go from cooking to rationality, passing through compassion, and like a game of Civilization, you always want to go for one more (turn). Here’s a couple, from the many, I loved: “Don’t buy CDs for people. They have Spotify. Buy them merch from a band they like instead. It’s more personal and the band gets more money.” and “Procrastination comes naturally, so apply it to bad things. “I want to hurt myself right now. I’ll do it in an hour.” “I want a smoke now, so in half an hour I’ll go have a smoke.” Then repeat. Much like our good plans fall apart while we delay them, so can our bad plans.”

74 of Our Favorite Facts for 2020 | 9 min read

New York Times covers a lot of stories and they put together this collection of the most curious facts out of them. Here’s a favorite that I didn’t need to know: “After getting swallowed by a frog, the beetle Regimbartia attenuata can scuttle down the amphibian’s gut and force it to poop, emerging soiled but alive.”

For Parents, Every Day Is Bird School| 4 min read

New York Times YOU AGAIN!? This is a lovely story of a family dealing with the lockdowns through bird feeders. An increasing, maybe unhealthy, amount of bird feeders. I guess this is could be another argument in favor of having a backyard in these complex times. Even if a tiny one. If you can’t do much outside at least you can have some fun looking at what nature is up to.

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These apps I found 📱

Cybergram| Upload your diagram sketches and use this to edit and interact with them.

Vidchuck | Easily check what from your IMDB watchlist is on Netflix.

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Last issue most clicked link was 52 things I learned in 2020.

I hope you enjoyed these last minutes as much as me putting this together.

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