Home-made vaccines 💎 Issue #38

Plus: the next step for senior engineers and 'pros' of religion, myths and tradition.

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10 Powerful Life Skills for the New Decade | 6 min read

Just a teaser for one of those skills: “There’s two kinds of people. Bob, who will see this list, find some skills very interesting, and then go about honing those skills. Alice, who will see this list, and wonder how I came up with these”.

How to break the “senior engineer” career ceiling | 6 min read

This is one of those articles that gives you the answers you were looking for but didn’t know how to find them. Even if you are not a software engineer, this investigation into what moves you, what you are good at, and what you want to do from now on is worth every penny. As a senior engineer you have a very clear choice to make moving forward: do you want to produce great outputs (pick door number 1), or do you want to help those around you produce great outputs (pick door number 2).

In Praise of the Gods | 13 min read

I hope you are in a philosophical mood, but even if not, I think you will find it hard to quit this essay. Why do we have religion, myths, and traditions? Have you ever wondered what problems are automatically solved by that encoded wisdom that we all share through stories everyone seems to recognize, even across cultures, countries, and time? There is some merit to them and strength to the argument that being too rational can provoke a special kind of consequences we might be having trouble recognizing. “The physical world contains the scars of these centuries of rationalism: Almost no new cities match the beauty of the few remaining medieval city centers, which themselves are so cherished that people will spend thousands to fly there, just to see them in person for a few days. But tourists fly home, and never think of creating a new place, of creating something that constitutes an artistic endeavor beyond themselves. Rather they will leave building to builders and zoning codes, who will plan the next warehouses for humans, for rarely today can people verbalize their values in any other terms than the economic.”

Making Vaccine | 8 min read

So, a guy decides to produce, and administer to himself, a COVID-19 vaccine at home, with equipment and compounds ordered online. Like if it was a fucking brownie! And you will also want to check what grade he gives himself for his response to all the COVID pandemic.

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Audiblogs | A chrome extension that converts articles to podcasts. Doesn’t seem very original in 2021, but this one didn’t sound like a robot at all. Pairs well with seafood and those reads above.

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The origins of Chocolate don’t look at all like the end product

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