How a few good choices make all the difference 💎 Issue #46

Plus: adventure and a few things to be pretty sure about.

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I just added another book to my notes section. Pebbles of Perception is a hidden gem of a book. Not even 200 pages, but full of the first principles on how to live a great life. It touches on many of the skills and challenges we face, and sometimes struggle with, like fears, career choices, communication, or relationships, just to name a few. I collected my favorites notes and that’s what you can find on the link above.

And…here are the best things I found on the Internet this week.

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Leon Crane Survived a Plane Crash and 80 Days in the Alaskan Winter | 6 min read

🏔 Here’s your weekly dose of adventure: “smack in the middle of Alaska’s long eastern flank. It’s very remote, it’s very rugged, and it gets very, very cold. To properly outfit yourself for an expedition there, you’d want plenty of wool baselayers, rain-proof outer shells, a four-season tent, a packraft, and, of course, plenty of food. And that’s just in shoulder season. In winter? Forget it. Let it snow, leave it to the bears. From December 1943 until March 1944, Leon Crane spent nearly 3 months, through the dead of winter, in that land of icy rivers and freezing winds with almost none of those things.”

🎬 It’s not really a spoiler if it’s in the title, but how he survived has a bit of everything and could make for a nice blockbuster if some producer’s budget can only pay for one actor.

A Few Things I’m Pretty Sure About | 4 min read

📉 Morgan Housel is a favorite of this newsletter and it’s easy to see why: It’s easy to ignore the power tail events because it’s painful to accept that most of what happens isn’t that important. Over the last 20 years, 9/11, Lehman Brothers’ collapse, and Covid-19 were pretty much the only economic headlines that moved the needle. Think of all the attention that went to everything else and ended up not making much difference; it’s depressing. Same with investing: make 50 investments and 10 or fewer – maybe only one or two – will likely provide all of your lifetime returns, and how you behaved in March 2020 was probably more important than what you did in the previous 100 months combined.”

The Ultimate Guide to Summarizing Books | 26 min read

📙 I’m not going to say that you need to read this article if you want to publish your notes as I did up there. But you’ll get some tips independently in which part of the journey you are: if you are trying to read more, get more out of the books you read, how to retrieve the best bits of what you read or even what you should with what you read.

Monkey MindPong | 3 min watch

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Fooder | Your own digital recipe book, since we can’t guarantee those old notebooks with grandma recipes will be around forever. Clean and minimalistic, it’s a breath of fresh air in the dumpster fire that are recipe blogs today.

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Last issue most clicked link was The 10 Foundational Practices for a Good Life.

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