I'm back coaching football 💎 Issue #13

Plus: How Steve Kerr motivates underperforming athletes and a head-scratching math problem.

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What’s up?

It’s official now. This past Monday I started working with the first team of Sporting Clube de Esmoriz as an assistant manager.

Last time I worked as a football coach was back in December 2018 and now everything lined-up perfectly for me to get this opportunity.
I wanted to work with a first team and on the highest level of competition as possible. With a little network such as mine, I had no other chances but to contact coaches directly and asked them if I could help. Some had all positions already full, but I had some luck with Esmoriz, a team in the first division of this district (4th division in the national pyramid).
Do you remember when I wrote about small bets? Guess what I had to show when I was asked if I had any experience with the analysis of football matches. Yup, exactly, some articles on the new football blog that I started. And I showed some more this week when we started working. They show something to someone who doesn’t know you.
There’s no way you lose on those bets.

New to me 💡

Everything You Should Know About Sound | 5 min read

My advice: Skip to “The Sound Scale” section and read the first part of the article only if this second part gets you.

There was a big explosion this week. I wish I didn’t have to put this link here. You all have seen it. In fact, I think it’s safe to say it was the biggest explosion you have ever seen in your lifetime. Even in movies. With all the CGI we see nowadays, I don’t think I ever saw such demonstration of power and devastation. Maybe because artists and special effects people, who deliver explosions for movies, are also without such high-def reference point to work with. I guess we’ll see better explosions in movies from now on. In this article, you get some answers about the sound and the force of that shockwave plus a sobering comparison with other famous explosions.

From the archive 🗂

How to Motivate an Underperforming (and Demoralized) Employee | 3 min read

Just as a coach, Steve Kerr has won 3 NBA titles. He is a reference for me on leadership and the examples of being someone you would gladly follow are many. In this article, we see how he’s also inspired by someone else’s leadership, and more importantly, how he’s always seeking to learn to become a better leader. How do you give great feedback? Maybe you have a good answer for that. How do you tell someone you’re disappointed in his current performance, and still let him know you believed in him? That’s a little harder, but now, coach Kerr has a great way to do it.

A most head-scratching tweet 🤔

These apps I discovered 🔎

Trickle | Super short articles about varied topics and their sources. Specially designed for ease of learning since you only get 2 per day. No excuses for not spending 5 minutes here.

Kvak | Yup, that’s it.

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Last week’s most clicked link was the tweet with how they built a pyramid.

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