I'm experimenting with leadership exercises 💎 Issue #54

Plus: App development thrillers and plenty of advice.

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This week I started reading a book that promises something weird: develop your leadership through practical exercises. What? You read it right. It’s as if this book is proposing that just reading and watching videos on some skill you want to get better at is not enough.


🐇 I just completed the first exercise of the book and published on my blog a short essay on my leadership views. Go check it out and see if it’s enough to pull you into the same rabbit hole.

New to me 💡

99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice | 8 min read

🌳 Here’s one: “Be a good ancestor. Do something a future generation will thank you for. A simple thing is to plant a tree.”

Uber's Crazy YOLO App Rewrite, From the Front Seat | 17 min read

📱 A nail-biting thriller: “My alarm rings... or so I think. It's my phone. It's 2AM. My manager is on the line."I'm sorry for waking you up. We have an urgent situation. Last night we discovered an issue that might be a launch blocker. We have 16 hours until we release Helix and need to investigate now. Can you look into this now?"”

The Big Lessons of the Last Year | 7 min read

📉 What would be of this newsletter without an article of lessons? “The finance industry spent a decade debating what the biggest risk to the economy was. Was it tax hikes? Money printing? Budget deficits? Trade wars? Setting interest rates at 0.5% when the proper rate should have been 0.75%? And of course the answer was none of those. It was a virus.”

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Last issue most clicked link was The Mystery of Magic’s Greatest Card Trick.

I hope you enjoyed these last minutes as much as me putting this together.

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