Olympics edition 💎 Issue #61

Plus: 50 ideas to consider and the boring on YouTube.

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🚴‍♀️ This week I started another football pre-season and I’m applying the finishing touches on an article for my football site, so not as much was read as in the standard weeks. Also the Olympics, and waking up before 7 am, on a Saturday, to watch men’s cycling road race. You’ll probably find this issue on the lighter side.

And now on to what were the best things I found on the Internet this week.

New to me 💡

Here are 50 ideas that shape my worldview. | 11 min read

⚖️ Why Twitter threads are a thing: there’s so much you can say in just a few words. Here are two favorites: “Hock Principle - Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex and intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behavior.” and “The Paradox of Consensus - Under ancient Jewish law, if a suspect was found guilty by every judge, they were deemed innocent. Too much agreement implied a systemic error in the judicial process. Beware: unanimous agreement often leads to bad decisions.”

The 10 Best 'Boring' Livestreams on YouTube | ∞ mins watch

📺 C’mon, this newsletter can’t be made of all things interesting. Sometimes we have to be creative in how we waste our time and watching the stream of an empty falcon nest seems to qualify pretty high on that metric.

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Last issue most clicked link was The Optimal Amount of Hassle.

I hope you enjoyed these last minutes as much as me putting this together.

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