Rule nº1 - Avoid stupidity 💎 Issue #6

Plus: the most distant man-made object and SPARTANS!!!

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Maybe still thinking if you should try golf? Funny thing that this issue I’m going to talk in one of the articles about another sport I never played: tennis. I think I would like to play it. I loved table tennis in high school, even had a table at home, and tennis should be pretty similar, right? Just with more sweat, I guess.

Last issue I also mentioned this playlist: World Experts Talking About Their Craft Is the Most Hypnotic Thing on YouTube and now I have a challenge for you. Do you know of any other YouTube that could fit in it? Send them to me and I would love to include them.

New to me 💡

How the Spartans Would Fight COVID-19 | 2 min read

I was not expecting slow-mo tactical manoeuvers and epic speeches to be efficient against Covid-19 and I was happy to confirm my suspicion with the Spartans. In this article, Steven Pressfield explains to us the importance of the shield for the Spartan army, the parallel to today’s health measures, and adds another non-obvious thing that would get you killed 2000+ years ago.

How To Be More Productive Than Most Programmers | 9 min read

As a programmer who is always looking for opportunities to grow, this article provided more than a few tips. These range from adopting kaizen, dig deeper into the solutions you find, prioritization of tasks, strategies to get to flow state, and mindset changes. From juniors to the most senior developers, I’m guessing everyone you will get something out of this.

Learn Like an Athlete | 4 min read

Pros train a lot. That’s a fact. Sometimes we even associate the word “pro” to an athlete especially because of how much he/she practices and not because he/she plays a televised sport every weekend. Isn’t then a bit weird that the majority of us, that professionally work with information, knowledge, and technology, don’t want to put the same weight into practicing, learning and training for the level of performance we want to achieve? David Perell gives us here a taste of what we could be missing for not practicing like LeBron and do our learning.

Voyager: Inside the world's greatest space mission | 13 min read

Nostalgia, awe, and hope in written form.

From the archive 🗂️

Avoiding Stupidity is Easier than Seeking Brilliance | 4 min read

This newsletter needs way more Farnam Street. The tennis example is fantastic. The skill of tennis players can be asserted by the percentage of points they lose themselves vs the points they force the opponent to win. The secret in tennis, and other “games” in life, is to detect your skill level for that game and adopt the corresponding strategy: avoiding mistakes or forcing them in your opponents.

A most exciting tweet 🕰️

These apps I discovered 🔎

Collected Notes. | A note-taking app that allows you to publish any note as a blog post. This is how you focus on one problem and solve it well.

shosho | This is an online editor for all your English writing. Write or paste your text and watch all the tiny, or big, flaws highlighted automatically. If you are like me, not a native speaker, this has the potential to be an indispensable tool from now on.

Helio (iPhone) | With the summer starting tomorrow, and respecting all safety measures, we will be having our fair share of sunsets (and why not sunrises). This app will not just let you know when those sunsets/sunrises happen, but will also give you an expected “quality” of it.

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Last week’s most clicked link was Designer Imagines What His Favorite Movies Would Look Like If They Were Old Books.

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