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Plus: The how-to of building teams and asking great questions.

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I started the football season last Sunday with a draw and another, less important, football season started yesterday. This season I’m going to be watching, and recording, games from the stands, and let me tell you that’s another kind of experience.

The vast majority of people only know the fan experience: filling the stands, encouraging your team, and insulting the ref or adversaries. A very small percentage of people know what it is to be on the dugout, as a coach, trying to be heard above all the shouting, and ignoring everything else (which is easier than you might think). Now I’m in the absolute minority group, being part of the team, but on the stands, and let me tell you, you can hear everything (we are not playing in front of 90.000 fans)!

Just a coincidence that the best thing I read this week is from the legendary NFL coach Bill Walsh, on the day the NFL season starts. I mean, I’m not that into American Football. I watch the Super Bowl and some highlights, but despite the Champions League theme being my favorite, you got to recognize that this can get you ready to go through some walls.

Here we go to the best things I found on the Internet this week.

New to me 💡

To Build a Winning Team: An Interview with Head Coach Bill Walsh | 14 min read

🏈 I was reading this and extracting some highlights and I ended up with 28 quotes. Maybe because I’m also a coach and Bill Walsh is a legend of the other Football, but I was particularly interested after learning that he spent many years in assistant roles because of his more-cerebral-less-whirlwind profile. An essential read if you work with teams that want to get there.

🏆 “Those teams that have been most successful are the ones that have demonstrated the greatest commitment to their people. They are the ones that have created the greatest sense of belonging. And they are the ones that have done the most in-house to develop their people.”

How do you ask good questions? | 1 min read

🎙 It’s not like I’m a journalist or a have a podcast, but I’m fascinated by ways we can get the same person to reveal different types of (quality) information depending on how you ask for it.

“It is often better to preface a question with a confession of some sort, or with information from yourself. That sets a standard for the respondent. Set that standard high!”

The 15 greatest games of the 2010s – ranked! | 7 min read

🎮 I played ten of these, of which I finished five. I wonder what numbers I’ll get to for this decade.

👽 “Generally, when aliens die in video games, it’s because you’ve just shot them, and not because – for example – you’ve accidentally condemned their entire race to extinction with your bad choices, or spent tens of hours befriending them and then walked into what turns out to be a suicide mission.”

Rammstein - Europe Stadium Tour (Time Lapse) | 2 min watch

🎆 It’s when you think they are just applying the finishing touches that fifteen additional 18-wheelers enter the stadium.

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