The books I finished this week 💎 Issue #18

Plus: The steps to start a podcast, the winning is in the mixing, and Nassim Taleb.

Happy Sunday!

What’s up? 👇

I finished two books this week.

I guess I’m not ready yet to leave books unfinished that I’m not really enjoying, but at least I can attest that having more than one book in progress is a way to read more and have a better time while doing it.

I can feel like reading the one on the right, but not the one on the left, and vice-versa. The chances of having something for me to read, corresponding to my headspace, just increase with the number of books available at hand’s reach.

Now, what did I think about them?

The Culture Code is a collection of anecdotes about great teams and why they manage to achieve awesome things thanks to their great culture. It’s all presented as being the result of 3 simple steps: build safety, share vulnerability, and establish purpose. Recommended if you build, or lead, teams.

12 Rules For Life is an interpretation of what makes living, and most importantly being, worthwhile. “Life is suffering” according to Jordan Peterson, and that’s why it’s the best thing that ever happened to us. The question is, what do we do with a life like this? How do we best live it? This book started in Quora answer with more 650k views, and it will probably help you decide if this is a book for you.

New to me 💡

Ron Rivera wanted to learn about a winning culture, so he went to Jimmie Johnson’s garage | 5 min read

Here’s a story about an NFL Football coach meeting a NASCAR driver and the experiences they shared. It’s a surprise to no one that common experiences in a given field can prove to be invaluable lessons when translated into another. We need to accept the challenge and look for these experiences beyond our backyards. Maybe it’s just paying attention and sending some emails.

How to Start a Podcast in 2019: 8 Steps from Idea to Launch | 22 min read

This seems to be the most exhaustive tutorial that I’m inclined to read that is not more effort than actually produce a podcast episode. It’s everything in here: the gear needed, how to make it fun and productive, and of course, editing. Another good thing about it is that it can help you decide if this is really for you or not. After all, enjoying to listen is not the same as enjoying to produce them.

How To Build An Antifragile Career | 5 min read

Antifragile and Nassim Taleb. What’s not to like. This article puts into words the idea of a “Clark Kent” career: “Taleb advocates bimodal strategies in working life: to have one very stable gig and one volatile vocation by moonlight”. I can vouch for this advice, as software engineering and football coaching seem to be a nice pairing. When you’re in a negative stint with one of them, you can seek solace in the other. Also don’t miss the comparison of taxi drivers with artisans and why some restaurants closing can benefit the greater good.

A most nurturing tweet 🤗

These apps I discovered 🔎

IdeasAI | This is a generator of startup ideas coming directly from the infamous GPT-3 model, one of many of Google’s AI technologies. Ideas are voted on by users, which lets you surface potential business interest and also feeds back the model to come up with better ones.

Nonograms Katana | Hey, its crosswords with pictures. And brain-melting. “Cells in a grid must be colored or left blank according to numbers at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden picture”.

This week in a gif 🃏

High note ⚡

Last week’s most clicked link was How to Understand Things by Nabeel S. Qureshi.

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