The great TED talks are back 💎 Issue #15

Plus: How roman emperors *really* looked like and the best sports coaching wisdom available for free.

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Give yourself permission to be creative | 9 min watch

Remember that first TED talk you watched? How fascinating it was. There are some viral ones that got famous for a reason or another, but with the advent of TEDx, it seemed like what we gained with range and opportunity we might have lost in pure quality of ideas. This one with Ethan Hawke might not be about the most groundbreaking of the ideas (which is not to say it isn’t powerful), but I’ll be damned if being delivered by one of the great actors of this generation doesn’t make it the most captivating thing you’ll see this week. The set, the colors, the lighting, the whole thing is charming as hell.

Appearance of The Principate [Pt. I] | 5 min read

Of all the great things we can use our cutting-edge technology, I bet you would not be thinking about putting the photo-realistic reconstruction of roman emperors’ faces high on the list of priorities. But forget about how you would set up that list of priorities and look at how this wizard took the stone busts from 2000 years ago and made these old dudes look like some of your neighbors.

The Mental Model FAQ | 16 min read

“Again with the mental models?” you ask. Well, I told you I was going to be reading and sharing more about them if I’d find articles offering a different perspective on this omnipresent concept. I particularly liked how Cedric distinguished three main categories of what we call mental models and answered some interesting questions, including:

  • how they got so popular

  • if they are useful

  • how can they be put to practice

From the archive 🗂

21 Life Lessons Learned From Some Of The World’s Greatest Sports Coaches | 8 min read

You know I’m a sucker for these kinds of articles. Life lessons AND sports coaches? I’m wondering if this wasn’t reverse-engineered to have me read this article and love it. They are all so good, but I especially appreciated the one about importance of details: “Coach Wooden is known for showing his players how to put on their socks. He goes into the details of it, even telling them to check around the toe and heel for any wrinkles. Why would he do that? Grown men surely know how to put on socks. His response: “You see, if there are wrinkles in your socks or your shoes aren’t tied properly, you will develop blisters. With blisters, you’ll miss practice. If you miss practice, you don’t play. And if you don’t play, we cannot win.””

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Podcastle | This a Chrome extension that pairs perfectly with this newsletter. Press a button and transforms any article into a “podcast”. It’s a way to have the articles read to you (by a pretty decent “robot” voice) while you do other things. Surprisingly good.

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Last week’s most clicked link was dorking (how to find anything on the Internet) by Alec Barrett-Wilsdon.

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