The guys paying my rent this month💎 Issue #2

Plus: how to get rich without getting lucky, 4265km on foot, and finally, anything related with quarantine.

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You know I have been publishing some articles in the past month. Some of you have been questioning me on how can I do it. With a family to care for, a day job to achieve things in, sleep, and do the other things humans have to do.

Well, first, I resent the implication that what you find “incredible” is the quantity of the output and not the quality.

Seriously, if you carve out of your day half an hour to do some writing, and a little more on weekends, you can write a newsletter/article each week. Easy. I’m not even going to start on the benefits for you as a person, and a professional, that you’ll get from it. That is something for a future issue of this newsletter.

I have something close though.

I decided to share some lessons (and results) from my experience on Medium in this article: Medium Is Paying My Rent This Month and Here’s What I Did. If you enjoyed it, I invite you to clap the hell out of it and help me share it.

Last week’s most clicked link was Morgan Housel’s Financial Advice For My New Daughter.

New to me 💡

The Pacific Crest Trail in Three Minutes | 3 min watch

A lot of us daydream about road trips through the USA. What about a 5-month walk - if we are that fit - along the west coast, between the Mexico border, going all the way up to Canada? This video shows some snippets of the journey. I thought the views would be amazing before clicking the link. It still managed to surpass my expectations.

The Real Truth About How to Work Smarter, not Harder | 12 min read

We all have the notion that we spend part of our days doing things that feel unproductive. Things that, there is no escape, someone has to do. Some of those repetitive tasks might be so “automated” that we don’t even notice the potential for improvements. "I always have done it like this”, we tell ourselves. Taylor Pearson offers here some reasons why you might benefit from rethinking your work, and what productivity hacks you might try in the process.

3 Timeless Rules for Making Tough Decisions | 4 min read

A short and sweet one from Peter Bregman. I won’t spoil what those 3 rules are, but, at least rule 3, only makes sense to me under certain circumstances. If you face some dilemmas in your daily lives you will take something out of this article. Or next time you order pizza.

I Went on a Daylong Road Trip to Shake Free of the Monotony of Quarantine | 8 min read

I had some fun with this. Only in America do you come up with the idea of driving 400+ km for a car wash. I know, I know, the quarantine makes you crazy, and any reason is acceptable just to get you out of the house. I was also considering doing something like this. Drive 30km, see something new, drive back. Someday.

From the archive 🗂️

22 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mentors That Every Person Should Know | 5 min read

Darius Foroux has no excuses. The mentors you need are not “official”. There are no handshakes or signed contracts. They just happen to be the people you learn from. Even if they don’t know you exist. Some of my favorite lessons from the article: “People who always complain give me a headache.”, “Treat people well. The world is small.”, “Always have a side-business” and “My goal is to learn one new thing every day.”.

A most satisfying tweet 📅

Someone you have to meet

Naval Ravikant

My first experience with Naval was on the, always fascinating, The Knowledge Project Podcast. My first impression was “Damn, this is an eloquent guy.” Seriously. It’s one of the first things you’ll notice too. But what could have been just a trick to distract from an emptiness of ideas, here you get the opposite.

More than an entrepreneur and investor, as the bio says, for me he’s a full-blown, modern-day philosopher, a deep thinker. Someone that goes deep, into the basic principles of the matter, and comes back alive with the simple truth. You’ll see.

From that podcast episode, you jump to his twitter account, where you get regular bits of wisdom free of cost. Or not. Chances are you’ll go on your own rabbit holes and start question things about yourself and how are you living your life so far. The consequences of this are unpredictable, up to you, and potentially not “free”. Sometimes the best medicine is expensive and tough to swallow, but if we know what’s best for us we take it.

If you have time to only absorb one thing from Naval, and trust me, you owe it to yourself, go with this twitter thread that he called “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)”. Later he made it into his own podcast, roughly a tweet per episode, and I challenge you to not go all the way.

These apps I discovered 🔎

Outside Simulator | Continuing the trend of people who are doing everything in their power to not feel imprisoned at home. Pick a city and open it in full screen. Maybe throw some headphones in here. The result is better than I expected.

InspiroBot | AI generating inspirational quotes…

…well, who’s ready to go through some walls?

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