The right way to be an amateur 💎 Issue #51

Plus: the lessons from 10 years of entrepreneurship or 300k employees.

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Sir Kensington’s final shareholder letter: 10 lessons from 10 years of entrepreneurship | 5 min read

🥫 First things first: Sir Kensington is not a Sir, but a condiments brand. I was expecting lessons from a respectable English lord, but what I got was lessons from respectable founders of, what apparently is, an excellent mayonnaise brand. A favorite part: “People look to the leaders’ actions about what truly matters, not the words in the handbook. The choices you make about ethics, inclusion, and the integrity of your word set the standards for your team, and those choices need to flow through all parts of the business.”

My dad led an organization of over 300,000 employees. When I took on my biggest marketing & events team to date (35 employees) I asked him how the *heck* he did it. Here's what he said and what helped me every day. | 1 min read

🧯 An interesting Twitter thread with 6 principles to consider when trying to take your team to the next level. Compare with your context, and adapt them accordingly.

How an Amateur Built the World's Biggest Dome | 3 min watch

⛪ Sometimes I wonder how we’ve accomplished anything of relevance without machines, computers, and the internet, but then I just discovered that one of the most famous domes in the world doesn’t have equal-sized sides.

At first, I was like “well, now I know that if I wanted to build one of these cathedrals I could, simply because I wouldn’t even have to be that precise with measurements”, but turns outs, that makes it even harder to build. Back to the drawing board, I guess. Anyway, here’s a photo I took from the inside in 2018 and where it should be pretty obvious the amateurism.

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