This book tells you when leaders should be eating 💎 Issue #49

Plus: A milestone, a different kind of Turing test and what's beneath a one-person startup.

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Last month I finished Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last and this week I published my notes on the usual place.

This is a book about why we need great leadership, what it looks like, and how we suffer without it. It's only indirectly about how to be a good leader, but the first principles are all here: leaders go first and, after great leadership, incredible things will follow.

In other news, this just happened:

We are almost on the 1st birthday of this newsletter and, for the first time, I’m sending it to more than 100 people.

And now, on to the best things I found on the Internet this week.

New to me 💡

Don’t Forget How Small They Are | 1 min read

🥰 From one of my favorite newsletters, The Daily Dad, comes the weekly reminder of how being a dad(I assume this works just as well for moms) occupies a larger chunk of “the most important things in our lives” than we usually think. I especially loved the scene and meaning on the “take them to college” part and you have to read it to see it.

Gross Company Happiness | 2 min read

📈 If you want to work for a company that makes you happy then you might be able to take some lessons from Clearbit. Taking inspiration from the country’s GDP, they designed a metric to assess how happy people were, and I got to say, it should be pretty easy if you know what are your values and what you care for. “We believe the following are the secrets to job satisfaction: 1) Working under a great manager, 2) Working alongside people you genuinely enjoy spending time with, who challenge you to grow, 3) Working on interesting problems you care about.” The next step was creating solutions for each of these challenges and start measuring.

The Financial Turing Test | 4 min read

💸 Turing tests are designed to assert if you are in the presence of a true AI. Financial Turing tests are similar, in which they help you assert if you are in the presence of an expert in finance or a charlatan. Now, if you had only one question to assert if someone knew what they were talking about finance what would you ask? What about your favorite topic? Nick Maggiulli shares his question here, shows you why it accomplishes what it’s supposed to, and then…

The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup | 24 min read

💾 If you work with software you’ll love some part of this article. It’s the ultimate jigsaw puzzle of connecting pieces of infrastructure and services to support a web analytics platform. It’s also a reminder that you can go very, very far, with just a fraction of the complexity.

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See a Satellite Tonight | Here’s a nice way to impress your friends: you point to a particular spot in the sky and a tiny light will pass by, blinking, on its way to advance science, spy on your enemies, or provide mediocre weather forecasts.

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Last issue most clicked link was How Will You Measure Your Life?.

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