What the hell is water? 💎 Issue #12

Plus: Magnificent relationship advice and one thing leaders need to understand.

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This is the week before vacations. There’s a natural tendency to take things easy. Let’s see the impact of it in next week’s newsletter. I hope I can still make it. These are 13 issues without skipping a single week after all.

On to this week’s links…

New to me 💡

Mental Models: Look At Your Decision-Making Process, Not The Outcome | 4 min read

A few weeks ago I shared the first article about Mental Models and this week I read a little more about it. This one touches again in the dichotomy Process vs Outcome (we’ve been here in the first issue of this newsletter), but this time is not so much about convincing us to focus on the process as it is trying to have us take a closer look how we make decisions during it. What should we pay attention to during decisions? How do we deal with good decisions that lead to bad outcomes? This and more inside.

One Thing That Great Leaders Understand | 4 min read

Do you know the difference between leadership and management? We all have our clues. This article tries to go a little deeper while staying actionable for leaders, providing insights into how they can synergize with managers and distinguish where both types of roles can deliver the most value.

100 Couples Share Their Secrets to a Successful Relationship | 21 min read

I was not expecting this article to be so good. It’s a perfect mix of relationship experts’ advice, real couples experiences, and great writing of Polina Marinova to glue it all together. Distilled into 20 “secrets”, there something here for every couple and person. Yes, even if you are not part of a couple and/or don’t intend to be, these are at the end the best things to make a relationship work, and that applies to the many other people we contact with and even how we see ourselves. It’s a long read, I’ll give you that, but well worth your time.

From the archive 🗂️

THIS IS WATER! by David Foster Wallace | 9 min watch

This is a cinematic translation of the legendary a commencement speech by David Foster Wallace now known as ‘This Is Water’. You only need the first 20 seconds to decide if this is a video for you or not.

A most historic tweet 👷

These apps I discovered 🔎

Vocodes | This app lets you choose a famous person's voice and have it “read” all the text you write.

Unsub | A browser extension that allows you to unsubscribe/hide forever all emails for the selected senders in your Gmail account.

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Last week’s most clicked link was How to Start a Blog that Changes Your Life by Nat Eliason.

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