People can answer, but only if you ask 💎 Issue #3

Plus: I published a new article, one of the best photos I saw recently and poker.

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What’s up? 😉

I published a new article on my blog. It’s about When to Use the Java "this" Keyword. Even if you are an experienced Java developer I bet there is something here for you discover.

Something strange, but cool, happened on the Internet this week. More than a month ago I answered one of those triggers on social media that go like this: “We’ll have person X with us, so why don’t you send us your questions. We’ll pick the best whatever.“

The person in question was one of the best Portuguese football coaches, Carlos Carvalhal. He would be with @CoachesVoice doing the type of thing they normally put out: videos with football coaches. Time passed and I never saw anything related to Carlos Carvalhal on the internet again.

What have they done with my question? I was asking.

This week a friend of mine sends me this:


This is a screenshot of a video!! What? Of my question?

I had to use my strong google-fu and in 10 seconds I’m watching this video.

So, there you have it, the power of the internet and friends. Take a look at what “mister” Carlos Carvalhal has to say about what's the most important characteristic in the personality of a coach.

New to me 💡

This picture of São Martinho do Porto by @dailyoverivew

I think I’ve been in this little village a couple of times. At a whopping 200km of distance, maybe it’s time to visit again because I had no recollection of how symmetric this bay turns out to be if you look at it from above. Do you know any good restaurants nearby?

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Machine Learning is Fun! | 15 min read

“The world’s easiest introduction to Machine Learning” is how the author describes it and it’s probably close. I had some ideas of what machine learning was but here you get a little bit of all the basics: theory, math, code, and real-world examples. If we have dreams of being conquered and oppressed by AI we all have to do our part. Don’t be scared. Start learning and do cool things with these technologies. This was totally written by Filipe Silva and not <4921c0e2d1f6005abe1f9ec2e2041909>.

From the archive 🗂️

3 things I learned while my plane crashed | 5 min watch

“Are you being the best parent you can?”.

Even if you are not a parent, I bet we all be living differently if we survived a plane crash. One of the few TED talks that I saved.

A most ambitious tweet 🏖️

These apps I discovered 🔎

LiPoker | Maybe this comes late in the pandemic, but here you can create, or join, online poker games without installing, or signing up, for anything. Everything looks slick and you even have an in-game video chat to deploy your poker-face game.

Replier | If you have to answer several questions in the same email this is for you. It makes it easy to pick the points you want to address and write your comments for each one by removing the clutter of a wall of text and the emptiness of a “new message” canvas.

Obsidian | This seems like “the” solution for taking all your notes and organizing them on your computer. This is not just another markdown editor, though. Here each page is a link on its own and notes form relationships with each other. You know, like your brain actually works.

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High note ⚡

Last week’s most clicked link was Medium Is Paying My Rent This Month and Here’s What I Did. You guys.

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