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Plus: the best kind of magic tricks and a most dangerous chemical.

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On the Usefulness of Photography | 4 min read

This was inspiring. It’s rare when a utilitarian approach to something can stir so much emotion, but this checks the mark. What’s useful about photography is, for most of us, very emotional at its core. We take pictures with our cameras and phones, because we want to, someday, look back and feel something for what we see. And it works! If only we took even more pictures. As a father trying to teach my daughter how to brush her teeth, this part broke me: “What you should be recording are not the destination events of life so much as the much more mundane things: rainy mornings, making cookies, the process of building a shed or starting a garden, or your child trying to learn to brush his teeth.” I’m not taking photos and I know, one day, I’ll wish I was.

I bought 300 emoji domain names from Kazakhstan and built an email service | 8 min read

Yes, I also never thought about the possibility that there could be an email address like thisweeksworh@💎(it’s just an example, not an email address I own), but not only can you have emails with emojis, you can even make a small business out of it. Geeky stuff for the geeks among us.

Embrace the Grind | 4 min read

I opened this article expecting career advice and was gladly surprised when I got a magic trick explained to me. “a volunteer chooses a card and seals the card in an envelope. Then, the magician invites the volunteer to choose some tea. There are dozens of boxes of tea, all sealed in plastic. The volunteer chooses one, rips the plastic, and chooses one of the sealed packets containing the tea bags. When the volunteer rips open the packet … inside is their card.” There’s a lesson inside this trick that we can apply in our professional lives, or perhaps we might be already doing magician’s work without knowing.

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What One In A Million Means | If you need assurance, taking a specific brand of Covid vaccine has the same risk as driving a car for 5 hours. Here you’ll find many more examples of equal probability endeavors.

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