Zombie Pirate ships 💎 Issue #42

Plus: there's two types of career, but many types of emotions.

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There is Nothing Wrong With a Traditional Career | 7 min read

Not that everyone is saying that a traditional career is the lowest form of human endeavor, but for sure it seems that the entrepreneurship career has the opposite kind of fame: of the highest achievement one can aim at. Here’s a great explanation of the advantages of what a traditional career might provide and how it can even get you in a better position to succeed in an entrepreneurship career.

Every Actionable Book is Actually Two Books Inside | 8 min read

I have a slight impression that the majority of the subscribers of this newsletter read their fair share of the kind of books this article goes on about. It’s the “here’s how you can do better at the things you do a lot” kind of book. “The first book is exactly what the book advertises on its cover. You read the book, you get the techniques. You then evaluate the book based on how effective those techniques are when tested against your reality. The second book is about the principles that underpin those techniques. This book is usually embedded within the first, hidden in plain sight, and therefore more difficult to get at.”

'Hovering ship' photographed off Cornish coast by walker | 1 min read

I saw the photos, I read the scientific explanation, I thought about it, and still, my brain is refusing to accept what is looking at without attributing it to the powers of zombie pirates.

Emotional Word Wheel | 1 min read

Emotions contain a surprising amount of detail.

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