Plus: why hobbies, travel with children and low expectations are the best.
Plus: reasons to be thankful, funky heuristics, and life's plans.
Plus: a fresh answer for a dilemma, another Munger speech, tacit knowledge, and golden career guidance.
Plus: beautiful way of thinking, the culture of Superbowl winners and hardcore apartment finding.
Happy FridayπŸ‘‹ I just got home with my newborn son. His name is Rodrigo and both he and his mom are happy and healthy. Oh and me and his sister too, by…
Plus: history's greatest victory, a cute game to understand supply chains and '90s NY in HD.
Plus: raising kids with kindness in mind and the good kind of fuel for teams.
Plus: find swagger, produce high outputs and write.
Plus: awesome habits for managers, more mental models, and the games we play through a bible story.
Plus: storytelling at Airbnb and movies that surprised me.
Plus: why write a little, a thought-provoking way to decide for parents and a great a comedian.
Plus: I'm back to coaching football, a counter-intuitive mindset for reading and how to have better conversations