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With 4+ subscribers, this is a weekly newsletter (let’s see about that) with the crème de la crème of what I find on the internet.

I’ll make sure it’s not just a random link dump. I want to provide commentary, maybe even try some intelligent insights, but don’t get your hopes that high.

Here are some favorite past issues

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A leader, a coach, and a mentor walk into a bar | Issue #72

You can rest assured that I’ll do my best to tame the quality of especially outstanding newsletter issues with links to my very own blog posts. I will sleep much better at night knowing that, once in a while, you have one or two links that won’t come close to your unmanageable Pocket reading list.

Enough is enough

My name is Filipe Silva. If you don’t know the first thing about me check this out (SPOILER ALERT: It’s my website). If you know the first thing you can look me up on Twitter, Linkedin, or Medium.

Are you a rebel, though?

What about sharing this newsletter with friends, coworkers, and cousins you see at Christmas? You haven’t seen any issue yet so you can vouch for the quality of This Week’s Worth? Well, I asked if you were a rebel, didn’t I? They will love to receive this recommendation of yours, especially since you forgot their last birthday.

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