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Plus: How to do more by being lazy and some pretty good career advice.

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How to be a good listener: the experts' guide | 9 min read

There are two types of people in the world. Those that need to become better listeners and…there’s one type of people in the world. Check this one out, as it not the usual release of advice in a vacuum, but it’s structured around 5 very common situations where your listening skills will be most tested.

7 Habits that Seem Lazy (But Actually Let You Get More Done) | 6 min read

I love anecdotes about human incentives gone wrong and this one starts with a brilliant example of broken windows stimulating the economy. For the lazy in us, this article is not a provider of excuses for our behavior, but a starting point to reframe our options of how we spend our time in a way that allows us to take better advantage of it. How can not doing the work we need to do will help with doing it? Answers inside.

Run the Line: Retracing 43km of hidden railway | 24 min watch

Remember Beau, the guy that ran a marathon in 24h while doing every chore imaginable? Here he is again, in a video that was actually released before the marathon one. This one is more of an adventure, a treasure hunt even. He needs to follow a path that doesn’t exist anymore while going through private property and, worst of all, contacting with Australia’s wilderness.

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Career Advice: Best of the Best | 3 min read

A compilation of 19 bits of advice about making money by bringing value to other people.

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Last week’s most clicked link was 21 Life Lessons Learned From Some Of The World’s Greatest Sports Coaches by Ryan Holiday.

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